Sunday, October 17, 2010

Working on displays!

*Once I had my shop organized, I realized how much I enjoy "playing" with displays. I don't really use any commercial displays because I prefer to use objects in unique ways to showcase my merchandise.

*Every season, I change
all major displays. I look for inspiration everywhere I go. Sometimes when I see a terrific product at market, (in Atlanta) I will use that product to organize a theme for a display. For example, last spring I finally found some great Alice in Wonderland tea sets, cups, and plates. I set up a display on purple polka dot fabric complete with a wooden Tweedle-Dum and Tweedle-Dee. (painted by my talented friend and gunsmith next door Dave Stewart)

*Sometimes I decide on a theme and go looking for merchandise to fit it! One summer I decided I wanted kitchen merchandise with a veggie theme. My daughter Katie made a two foot paper mache carrot to stand in the middle of a table surrounded by salt/pepper shakers, bowls, trays, etc. with a veggie theme that I found at market.

*This past summer I did a fruit theme on the same table complete with a manikin wearing a vintage navy polka dot dress with a Carmen Miranda style head piece with fruit on it!

*Objects often inspire my displays as well. Last fall, I noticed that my grandfather's plow that sits in my garden was looking a little rusty. I sanded it and sprayed it dark green. That helped me to decide to use tools that relate to the harvest in my shop. The plow sat in the middle of small bales of hay on the center table surrounded by fall jewelry and purses. I also had an old wheelbarrow (painted the same dark green) full of pumpkins in the front window. and vintage red toy wagons for my jewelry display. I think my grandfather would be happy to see his plow holding a place of honor in my shop!

*It's always fun to play in my shop! Come and visit and join me for tea!

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