Thursday, August 5, 2010

Looking Glass Green

...the continuing story...

*Once I found a spot for my shop in Buda (I had to wait a year for the building to be built), I set to work deciding on a color scheme. Since every store I knew was doing a white Shabby Chic theme, I immediately looked for an alternative color. I decided on a pretty soft green. Just as in nature, the color green--that is the right green-would be a great background color.

*I started by getting samples of green paint and painting swatches on plywood strips. After twenty shades of green and a lot of frustration, I noticed a "Welcome to my Garden" sign (a gift from a neighbor!) hanging on my garden room door. The background green was perfect! I took the sign to the paint store and had them match the color.

*I spent the summer before I opened painting about fifteen pieces of furniture "Looking Glass green". I reasoned that it would be easy for my customers to see that any green furniture was display only, while the antique furniture for sale would clearly stand out.

*I've been happy with my choice of green for years now--With the giant real ivies that grow along the walls, I feel that I'm in a garden room!

*Unfortunately, I have no idea where the green paint cans went, so when a friend wanted to paint some displays in her shop Looking Glass green, I had to loan her my garden sign so she could have the color matched. If you ever need to borrow my garden sign to match the green, just let me know!

Jo Ann

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